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Monarch College of Art & Technology is a radian road to the New World of Animation It takes pride in its own credit. Its quality and Quantum of placement of all students (achievements) are remarkable and worthy of praising. It’ credibility has widen every nook and Corner. For reflection of trust and over lasting Confidence of Monarch many reputed recruiting organization like Maintained in another page have stretched this hands of Co-Operation and year aster year they are visit is the Campus. Responding the in Monarch delivers year after year a bunch of fresh flowers) I.e a group of competent students by chorus the animation skill any the student from then Animation Garden the fragrance of the training standard and competence of the students had given them to occupy a wide place for placement. Even before completion of training the recruiting Organization sometimes picks up students for employment. So Monarch is Over Confident for its even increases placement.

Placement Initiatives:-
The placement cell forms beyond traditional placement activities to students actually create updating opportunities. Aiming at students innovative power and skill the cell mould them promoting the customized skill and make them fit for facing interview lodged by the out-sides reputed Industries Monarch an optimistic Institution dreaming at students career and bright future take initiatives for its students training. Bright records of placement of Monarch students displaying for drawing attention to our enthusiastic patrons.

Name of the Company:-
DQ Entertainment, Fountain pixel, Famous Studio, Crest Communication, Sky work studio, Green gold, Animate Zion, Elecom Toonj, Anigurv Animation Ltd, Prana,19th Hole, Virtual Employee, Digi Tooz,Symbiosys, Aeon, Paper boat, Icat, Gameshastra, Reliance Animation, Pixalot, A Plus Studio, Mad Angles, Riva Digital, Laughing Dots, Nilesh Patel Studio, Side FX entertainment, Toonz Animation, PSI studio, Maya Digital Studio, MPC, Etc.

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